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Beyond Data

Les collaborateurs d’Invivoo voyagent à travers différents domaines d’expertises à la conquête de nouvelles connaissances et expériences à partager.

Creating your first Apache Airflow DAG

Throughout the past few years, Apache Airflow has established itself as the go-to data workflow management tool within any modern tech ecosystem. One of the main reasons for which Airflow rapidly became this popular is its simplicity and how easy it is to get it up...

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Structured Streaming in Spark

Streaming processing is a set of techniques used to extract information from unbounded data (a type of dataset theoretically infinite in size) Some examples of streaming are device monitoring, fault detection, billing...

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Kafka: the Big Data streaming platform

In modern information systems, we are confronted with ever-increasing volumes of data requiring to be processed in real time. However, the point-to-point connections commonly used do not allow easy loading scalability. Data producing services have a strong link with...

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