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The culture of sharing is at the heart of our values.

Share. Engage. Innovate. Have fun.

Why join us?

At Invivoo it’s crucial for us that each employee can flourish within the company. Aware that service provision can create a feeling of distance, we have specifically created a company program called GROW TOGETHER.
Grow Together resulted from the involvement of every member of staff. The program is tailored to accompany our consultants throughout their careers. Thanks to our expertise, our rich, caring and sharing communities, you will have access to several courses and various content on the topics that interest you. Until you feel ready to enter the program and, this time, share your own knowledge and write the story of Invivoo together.

Talent Acquisition Specialist (H/F)

Paris, Île-de-France

Business Developer (H/F)

Paris, Île-de-France

FullStack Developer / Cloud (H/F) - Logiciel

Paris, Île-de-France

It’s time to boost you career!

Join an ambitious and caring human-size company.


There’s work…

and there’s life at work!

For us, the benefits are not limited to a table football (even though we have one 😉).

Invivoo has worked for years to build a work environment that matches our values, a pleasant and caring setting in which you will enjoy your development daily.

From offices designed for your comfort, regular internal events and a unique development pro-gram, we do our best to ensure that our values are not just words.


At Invivoo, events really are events! Participate all year round in after work sports outings, themed activities or simply a friendly happy hour with colleagues after a busy day!


Invivoo covers 100% of the Navigo pass, so you can move freely all over the Ile-de-France!

Training Courses

At Invivoo we offer more than 700 hours of courses each year on various subjects such as artificial intelligence, developing good practice or financial markets.


Accreditation is encouraged as evidence of expertise. A manager will discuss accreditation with you and it is systematically covered by the company when it is included within a coordinated career path.

Health insurance

Everyone needs good insurance. The health of our employees is crucial to us, that’s why we offer you advantageous health insurance whether for an appointment with the dentist or for a new pair of glasses.

Work from home

We know about flexibility! Around 90% of our staff can work remotely.

Grow Together

Invivoo supports the development of its employees’ skills. The Grow Together program, an essential element of the company, is based on knowledge sharing. It allows our employees to get involved and, above all, to grow on a daily basis.





Our values.

Our aims

Invivoo is invested in the professional development of its staff and its customers services, building on the 4 values which have reflected our beliefs since the company’s inception: Adjacency, Com-mitment, Curiosity, Fun.
Our goals are directly inspired of these values, the reflect motivations of a simple but ambitious company: to create a relationship of trust, grow together, change the world and have a great deal of fun