IT Consultancy

Our technical, systems and operational expertise support you in the design and application of your IT projects. As experts in IT consultancy, our Beyond Tech approach allows us to deliver more than simple technical execution, and do everything possible to meet your business challenges. Our 5 fields of expertise bring added value to the design and implementation of your IT projects.

5 fields of expertise.

Serving your business activities.

Our offer is structured around 5 fields of expertise which cover every step of an IT project lifecycle. From agile project management, to developing and supporting your apps, our experts can trans-form your information systems and improve the performance of your businesses.

Design & Code

Our experts can support you through the design and development of your software, to bring your IT projects to life: we are proficient in Java, Python, C++, C# and Front-End technologies.

Deliver & Run

Free yourself from infrastructure bottlenecks and concentrate on your clients and your business. Our experts will roll-out and maintain the IT architecture for you.

Beyond Data

Data is valuable. Data which has been analysed, understood and used strategically even more so. Our expertise in data management allows us to maximize the value you can extract from the data in your systems, making it available to your business.

Be & Do Agile !

Project management, software craftmanship, product management… We can help the transition as your teams become ‘agile’. Together we can consider the frameworks and practices that best suit your team.

Beyond Finance

For over 15 years, we have worked with leading financial institutions. Our financial engineers optimise critical information systems relating to the activities of the financial markets.

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