Software Craftsmanship

Making a software development team agile requires putting an agile framework into practice and assimilating the culture, but that is not enough. As the supplied product is made up of code, it is important to take an interest in the agility of the code itself and the practices that lead to its crea-tion.

Our approach.

Technical excellence keeps your code agile.

  • Your work processes have transitioned to become agile, but the same cannot be said of your code. A part of your information risks obsolescence and you need to make it evolve. Our software craftsmanship expertise can support you:
  • ETraining your development teams in dynamic software design, refactoring, development practices that prevent the production of new legacy code (TDD) and aligning with business needs (BDD, DDD).
  • ERaising managers’ awareness of the importance of technical excellence and its impact.
  • EActive participation in the development of your projects, brings best practice from eXtreme pro-gramming and from software craftsmanship to achieve increasingly qualitative and agile code in your applications.
Christophe Godard

Christophe Godard

Manager | Software Craftsmanship

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