Transverse Business Analysis

For our financial institution clients, the roll-out of a reliable and resilient systems of information is an increasingly critical requirement for the achievement of their business objectives.
Clearly, the construction of such systems requires sophisticated IT development resources. Naturally, transversal business analysis implies the provision of resources to deliver these systems.

Our approach.

Business analysis for the implementation of your IT projects.

At Invivoo we are developing our transversal business analysis expertise which aims to offer a methodological framework for our financial engineers in order to effectively support them in the fulfilment of their assignments with our clients. Transversal business analysis feeds on senior con-sultants experience, accumulated during functional analysis tasks in market finance / IT projects. It is then enriched by arranging these different experiences in order to build a formal system suited to transversal business analysis in IT & finance. Finally, it supports our consultants in their profes-sional development in different fields such as: written documentation, face-to-face training, and personalised coaching.

Léopold Tsogo

Léopold Tsogo

Manager | Transverse Business Analysis

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