Risks management

The current banking system has been disrupted in recent years by two major changes. The first is the competitive entry of new actors (GAFAM, Fintech) into the market, brought about by techno-logical changes responding to consumers’ needs. The second change is regulatory, with an unprec-edented number of mandatory and critical prudential requirements (FRTB, financial risks related to climate change etc). Our expertise in risk management will support you in this restrictive atmos-phere.

Our approach.

Risks management

Financial risks management remains a field in which these changes are numerous and impactful. Banking establishments were quick to engage in a deep transformation of their information systems in order to face these challenges. Its complex structural execution is a focus point for our clients, who rely on expert advice in order to adapt to regulatory and operational changes.
Our expertise in risks management has been designed to support clients through their financial risk projects. We aim to enhance our financial engineering consultants’ skills in line with their professional development goals and the needs of our customers, each gaining from the other’s expertise. They benefit from training and coaching in a range of subjects.

  • EMarket and credit risk.
  • ERegulatory or non-regulatory risks.
  • EFunctionality.
  • EMethodology.
  • ETechnical subjects.
Éric Abilio Branco

Éric Abilio Branco

Manager | Risks

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