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Focus on your clients and business. Our DevOps, support and applied production experts are re-sponsible for setting up and maintaining your IT infrastructure.


Deploy and maintain your applications.

It shouldn’t be painful for your IT teams to maintain the operational conditions of your production as it is fundamental for your business. Our experts can help you bring your resources into effective action and ensure regular delivery.


DevOps” isn’t just a buzzword. More than a job description, it’s a way of rethinking objectives in development and operations teams. DevOps is an agile system which aims to constantly improve a product for the final user.

Support and Applied Production

The support and applied production functions bridge the gap between users and the IT depart-ment, as well as ensuring the availability of applications. Driven by a great sense of service and ease of communication, the responsibility of the staff in this role is to answer to information system re-quests in compliance with quality and customer service good practice (ITIL, ITSM).

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Our latest publications about IT Infrastructure

Why should you use a consultancy for IT infrastructure?

What is ITSM ?

ITSM means “InformationTechnology Service Management.” It is simply how IT teams manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers. The ITSM approach to IT management in digital services serves as the foundation to the principles set out in ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). Since February 2019, ITIL v4 integrates new Agile and DevOps practices.

What is MOC?

Maintenance in operational condition (MOC), is the set of measures taken to guarantee the opera-tion of systems and applications to avoid an unacceptable alteration of the usual working condi-tions.

What is availability?

Availability indicates the ability to accomplish a required function under specific circumstances and conditions (not to be confused with “timeliness of response” or “operating time”). Mastering the principles of availability optimizes the costs and the quality of the IT departments services by meticulously responding to functional needs.