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Created in 2004, Invivoo is an IT consultancy which has historically specialized in corporate invest-ment banking. We use our IT and business expertise to help corporate and investments banks suc-ceed in their activities. In 2007, Invivoo launched XComponent for Business, a collaborative plat-form which helps increase operational efficiency.
On the strength of its unique position in consultancy and software publishing, Invivoo expanded operations to Bordeaux to explore new business sectors.

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Our values.

Our aims

Invivoo, a customer driven company committed to the personal development of its employees, is built on 4 values which have reflected our beliefs since the company’s inception: Proximity, Com-mitment, Curiosity, Fun.
Our aims, directly inspired by these values, reflect the incentives of a simple but ambitious compa-ny: to create a relationship of trust, to grow together, to change the world and to have fun.

How we do it ?

Grow Together.

Convinced that our customers’ success depends on the commitment and personal development of all Invivoo employees, we created the Grow Together program in 2017 which, as its name suggests, allows us to flourish together: Invivoo, our consultants and, of course, our clients.
The program is based on two mainstays: allowing consultants to develop and showcase their expertise; and to advance Invivoo’s position towards a higher value-added offer in 5 areas of expertise:
  • EDesign & Code
  • EDeliver & Run
  • EBeyond Data
  • EBe & Do Agile !
  • EBeyond Finance
A fundamental element of our consultancy offer, the Grow Together program also guarantees the quality of our recruitment and the career development of our consultants – two areas in which members of the program are heavily involved.

What’s next ?

A unique combination.

They trust us !

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