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France Fintech, Invivoo founding member

The French Fintech sector is particularly dynamic, including an already dense network of young companies covering the entire spectrum of financial services: banking, insurance, investment, asset management, payments, consulting, etc.

Finance Innovation

The Finance Innovation Cluster was created to unite the energies of the Paris financial market and contribute to the vitality of the economy and society.

Cap Digital

Cap Digital is working to make the Ile-de-France region one of the European references of the digital world, both economically and strategically. Cap Digital organizes the Futur en Seine festival, an annual global meeting of the main actors in design, innovation and the digital economy, who wish to exhibit, meet, discuss, express and share a vision of the future with the general public.

Tech’In France

TECH IN France represents the software publishing and Internet solution companies in France, and it now boasts over 350 members (total sales: € 8 billion) across all of France: large international groups, including the top-ranking ones in France (60% of the Top 100 turnover in France), SMEs and startups.

Syntec Numérique

For over 30 years, Syntec Numérique has been working towards the consolidation of the digital ecosystem, which made France one of the great nations in this sector. It develops the necessary actions to support the industrial transformation through the digital revolution, the transformation of services and the development of practices that contribute to the transformation of society.

Club Décision DSI

Club Decision DSI is the largest European organization in its field. It brings together more than 1,000 IT decision makers from private companies and public entities with more than 200 employees located throughout France.

IT Innovation Forum

A meeting point between, on one hand, policy makers, influencers, buyers from end user companies, and on the other, the suppliers of technology and services to the Startups community, ITIFORUMS allows the actors of this ecosystem to meet-face and online, and to build closer relationships, to facilitate the development of solutions with strong business and economic impact, and to improve time to market for everyone.


CroissancePlus’s mission is to develop our economic, social, cultural and societal structures to make France the most favorable countries for the development of scaleups while offering them the sharing of “best practices”.
Founded in 1997, CroissancePlus is an association of entrepreneurs that unites business leaders from high growth companies and their partners (insurance, major banks, law firms, consulting, audit, accountancy, recruitment , venture capital …).