Our technical solutions


XComponent is a unified DevOps platform to facilitate, accelerate and secure the creation and maintenance of microservices-based applications.

XComponent Studio

XComponent Studio allows you to mitigate the major risks of non-delivery of strategic IT development projects by :

  • preventing you from delivering unusable projects
  • preventing you from delivering projects that are overdue
  • preventing you from delivering projects that do not meet the business needs

XComponent AC2

XComponent Application Control Center allows you to reduce critical application interruption times:

  • By preventing your clients from alerting you to the unavailability of applications
  • By avoiding wasting time to repair your applications
  • Avoiding known production problem is repeated

XComponent Trading Solutions

XComponent Trading Solutions offers a suite of microservices dedicated to the trading activity that allows:

  • easy access to electronic markets from a trading station or from Excel
  • to address any type of market, order-driven or quote-based (RFQ RFS …)
  • to benefit from state-of-the-art security in market activities (auth / shield)

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