The best way to reduce the downtime of your business applications thanks to our monitoring software.


Provide application monitoring with resolution actions.

AppControl helps to reduce the downtime of your business applications by allowing you to act quicky in case of an incident. In addition to your usual monitoring and supervision tools, AppControl acts on your applications and can restart, repair, perform specific actions on all your applications. By gathering your applications together in AppControl, your teams can finally act stress free in case of an incident.

  • EIdentify, without intervention, the source of the interruption.
  • EAvoid the major sources of human error during a reboot
  • EAlways access an updated and tested reboot procedure.

How does it work?

We suits your needs.

Graphical representation of application processes and their dependencies.


Monitor and be alerted in real time of the operating status of applications.


Respect dependencies in the shutdown or restart phases of applications


Make the implementation of information systems transaction documentation reliable by capitalising on each new procedure tested and validated.

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Why you should use AppControll as monitoring software?

Why supervision solutions are not enough ?

Monitoring systems produce analysis without the ability of acting on incidents or identified problems. AppControl maintains for you, the dependencies between applicative éléments and the unavailability situations to no longer be sensitive to changes.

Does AppControl have an Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Yes, it is a weak artificifial intelligence that ensure the consistency of dependencies between elements of one or multiple applications. For example, if states of related elements, or not, of a component are qualified as defective by monitoring probes, then AppControl produces in real time the solving actions to restore the service to operational condition. We also use the term AIOps for that.

Is the integration of AppControl into the information system fast ?

Yes, only a few minutes are needed. You can create and set up your component maps. They will serve as a technical, application and business architecture plan on the information systeme configuration elements.