Chatbot Fabric

Chatbot Fabric is the innovative chatbot creation and management platform that supports you in transforming businesses at scale.

Support & Coaching
Increase value

Improve your productivity

Thanks to Chatbot Fabric, coach your teams, make their daily lives easier and unshackle their talents!

Boost the satisfaction of your teams

Engage your teams with Chatbot Fabric and boost their satisfaction by supporting their success and improving their quality of life at work.

Accelerate your revenue growth

Equip yourself with interoperable chatbots with conversational intelligence able to increase your responsiveness and to identify the interests of your customers.

Chatbot Fabric & you.


Chatbot Fabric offers you simplified connectivity to your different applications:

  • Messaging (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Symphony,…)
  • ITSM (Servicenow, EasyVista)
  • Augmented reality (ARCore)
  • APIs Rest
Microsoft Teams

Use cases

Service Management

In line with industry standards such as ITIL and COBIT. Chatbot Fabric allows you to derive greater strategic value from your IT operations along different lines.


for your support teams

Assist and empower your users

Chabot Fabric allows you to create chatbots which effectively support your customers.

Furnished with advanced conversational capabilities, chatbots created via the platform are capable of qualifying user requests, establishing a diagnosis and resolving level 1 incidents at any time, making it possible to reduce the volume of requests processed by IT teams.

Connected to the information system and in particular to your incident management tools such as ServiceNow or EasyVista, chatbot actions can be integrated into your ITIL resolution processes while respecting the transparency and traceability issues required.

Évènements IT

for internal workflows

Enhance your internal communication procedures

With Chatbot Fabric, reinforce internal communication during IT events such as major incidents or planified outlaged, or even simply to answer to the users requests.

Integrated to your ITSM tools, chatbots will be able to return relevant information to your teams in a timely manner, particularly in the context of notification procedures.


for your teams

AI Ops supporting your teams

Create chatbots powered by conversational intelligence and capable of performing a large number of complex, repetitive and sophisticated processes with precision and speed.

These "virtual doubles" allow you to emulate and supplement the action of your teams by refocusing them on activities with higher added value, and by providing them with assistance in request processing.


Advanced conversational abilities
  • Bilingual NLU
  • Managing the Conversational Context
  • Managing different topics in the same conversation
  • Management of different conversational formats
Recognition of visuel content
  • Information extraction (text, image)
  • Document type detection
UI/UX Friendly
  • Drag & Drop chatbot design
  • Modular components
  • Integrated knowledge base
  • Advanced features for the most tech savvy

Create your first chatbot.

Why use a chatbot?

Why should i go for the Chatbot Fabric solution?

Don’t use chatbots creation agencies anymore and create them yourself in complete autonomy.
No one other than you can best identify your needs. It’s important that you keep your hand from the conception to the production of your chatbots.
In addition, over time and as your needs evolve, you would like to adapt their use by making adjustments quickly.

Why are chatbots created via Chatbot Fabric are smarter?

Chatbots created by the platform are equipped with real conversational intelligence and offer an immersive experience to their interlocutor and that’s thanks to the different features offered by the platform, such as: the detection of multi-intentions, context management, omni-channel (Chatbot Messenger, Slack, Teams, Skype, Alexa), management of multiple topics, management of heterogeneous conversational media…

What treatment on visual content are offered by Chatbot Fabric?

In addition to the NLP engine, Chatbot Fabric is equipped of an image or computer vision processing engine. This allows you to provide your conversational agents with the following additional capabilities: document validation, document type detection, document comparison, and information retrieval.

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