Allow the business to manage its computing workflow scenario without IT risk.


Forget about workflows, and move on to scenarios.

Are your processes complex, involving multiple teams and different types of process (manual tasks, execution of scripts, remediation operation etc)? Create scenarios! XComponent Scenario models and runs your complex business processes. By better exploiting your digital assets thanks to its services catalog, you will be free to run your business lines scenarios without IT risks. All users of the platform can follow the processes in real-time and can react in case of an incident.
  • EAllow business lines to create scenarios iteratively.
  • EEnsure the security of access to data.
  • EFree business lines to produce results without soliciting IT teams.

How does it work?

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XComponent Scenario is a web platform on which each user is identified and can, depending on their rights :


Build scenarios from a catalog of services provided by IT.


Ensure that the security access rules and audit trail are respected.


Trigger scenarios and control their progress (stop and restart).

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Why should I use XComponent Scenario?

Can the platform be used by IT and business teams?

Scenarios regroups both IT and business teams, each acting at their own level, thereby saving time. We offer business lines the possibility of starting or restarting their scenarios, allowing them to be more reactive and to lessen the IT teams’ workload.

How do I connect my existing services to the catalogue?

The platform’s connectors allow an organisation to capitalise its digital assets. All batches, scripts, APIs and the global legacy system can be easily integrated. Recent technologies such as FaaS func-tions (Azure, AWS, OpenFaas) also integrate perfectly.

Is data auditable?

All processes are audited in the platform. The data includes the inputs / outputs of automatic and manual actions, execution times and errors.

How much data can the platform manage?

Scenarios can handle thousand of simultaneous processes. Only data useful for monitoring and processing flows through the platform.