Immunise strategic IT developments against the main risks of error (such as design error)


Ensure that your project addresses business needs while limiting design errors.

Servicefull allows developers to describe the business logic through the use of state machines. The execution of the business logic is also managed by Servicefull. The solution combines API calls, FaaS functions and other micro-services. This approach has many advantages, such as preventing the need for tedious and complicated business logic code to be written and maintained. Developers can continue to flourish in the technologies of their choice while ensuring the reliability of the appli-cations delivered to the business lines.
  • EEnsure that project addresses business needs from the start.
  • EAvoid design errors that could be fatal to the project.
  • EMake your project resilient to staff turnover.

How does it work?

An offer suited to your needs.

The application components are modelled and assembled to form micro-services.


Design on plan and graphically simulate the business specifications.


Immediately identify an error and easily correct the software architecture.


Make understanding the architecture easily accessible, while maintaining transparent code with several reading levels.

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Why use XComponent Servicefull?

Which technologies are supported by Servicefull?

Servicefull’s powerful design tool allows it to model complex business applications. Our goal is to allow the developer to focus on this modelling. For everything else, the developer continues to use regular programming languages: Java, Pyhton, C# and other. Servicefull can link modelling to code and APIs deployed on your information system by natively orchestrating calls to Rest services, Az-ure functions, AWS lambdas or OpenFaaS functions.

Why does business logic articulated in Servicefull make my application more resilient to change?

All software exists to address precise business needs. A company creates value when these busi-ness issues are well handled by the development teams. However, multiple risk factors exist: a poorly written or overly complicated business code, developer turnover, outdated documentation or specifications. If these factors are not taken into account, they can weaken the company’s busi-ness lines. That’s why with Servicefull we have decided to clearly separate the business logic from the business code. The logic is visible to all (developers, architects, business analyst) and allows knowledge to be shared and broadcast.

How are design errors limited with Servicefull?

How are design errors limited with Servicefull? Modelling business needs from the start of a project forces the different partners (developers, architects, business analyst) to question themselves, to share with each other. It often happens that a developer loses sight of business objectives or that a business analyst writes specifications without talking to developers or architects. Servicefull’s modelling creates dialogue. For example, a developer will think about modelling every case of error: technical of functional. Errors, timeouts, retry, real-time notifications, are natively managed by the solution. Each of these elements con-tributes to reducing design errors.