The hidden keys of the matrix !

Receive the power to develop better|faster|stronger.

Reveal your IT architecture with XComponent for Business. Our SaaS Platform makes your IS scalable & maintenable on the long run and make team collaboration easier !


We are NOT  a “no code” type of platforms. We believe in limitless capabilities, expandability, maintainability, security best practices and scalability.

    Our story.

    As a successful IT consulting company in the finance sector, we have spent in parallel of our core business 14 years of R&D to develop our own products and have implemented them in very challenging applications such as trade risk calculation.
    By sponsoring start-ups targeting manufacturing, food industry, pharmaceutical, construction, sectors, we have validated the interest of our technology to resolve critical issues and bring value to the end user.
    Today, we are opening up our technology and expertise to everyone.

    We are working hard.

    Why ?

    Humanity is facing more and more challenges. We believe that technology is one of the tools that can make a difference and help us, human being, find a better harmony with ourselves and our environment.

    Having X4B becoming a part of this, is our dream and the reason why we are working hard every day.

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